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A music video featuring world music personalities has been launched as part of the EU Children of Peace initiative, which funds humanitarian projects for children growing up in conflict regions. The song Rêver ("Dreaming") was composed especially for the project by Senegalese star musician Wasis Diop, who also sings in the video and by Olivier Delevingne, co-author & music artistic producer.

EU in the World | Runtime: 4'28"
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Invasive alien species (IAS) cost the EU an estimated EUR 12 billion per year, prompting the European Commission to push for an EU-wide approach to tackle the issue. The phenomenon, which occurs when plants and animals are deliberately or unintentionally introduced by human action to a new environment where they establish, reproduce and proliferate, is causing serious problems for biodiversity. The dedicated legal instrument aims to tackle the problem through a new harmonised system and a shift from “cure” to “prevention”.


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